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Big, bold lashes frame your eyes and give your face a beautiful look. At Capital Skin, the team of beauty experts guided by John Purcell Jr., MD, provides people in Clifton, New York with revolutionary YUMILashes lash lifts to lift your natural eyelashes without the need for falsies. Call the office or book online to learn how you can get natural-looking lashes that are long and thick.

Lash Lift Q & A

What are the benefits of YUMILashes?

YUMILashes offer breathtaking, but natural-looking, results. YUMILashes are a keratin treatment that enhances your natural lashes by lifting the hairs, tinting them, and curling them. 

Advantages of YUMILashes include:

  • Effects lasting up to three months
  • No lash extensions
  • No messy application of lash growth formula or mascara
  • No perms for lash curling

You get natural lashes that frame your eyes to enhance your look.


What should I expect during a lash lift?

The treatment with YUMILashes offers three shield size options. Your technician from Capital Skin evaluates your hair length and eye shape to determine a look that’s best for you.

During a lash lift, your natural lashes are lifted and filled with a special pigment infusion. This infusion hydrates and nourishes your lashes to create thicker, darker lashes that curve upwards in a beautiful pattern. You achieve an open-eyed and beautiful look.

The procedure also involves the application of a treatment to the under-eye area, customized to your skin type.


How long do the effects of a lash lift last?

The boosting and lifting effect lasts for 8-12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of the eyelash. The procedure works best on natural, virgin eyelashes, so procedures should be scheduled at a minimum eight weeks apart.

As new lashes grow in, they’ll look straighter than those that were lifted. You can acquire a keratin mascara from YUMILashes to help boost the appearance during the transitional stages.


How should I prepare for a lash lift appointment?

Avoid using waterproof mascara or an eyelash curler for at least three days before your lift. You want your lashes relaxed and dry for maximum results from the procedure.


Should I schedule downtime following a lash lift?

You should keep your lashes completely dry for 48 hours following your eyelash lift. The formula is still working its magic during this time, so if you wash it away, you’ll miss out on some of the lift effects.

If you’re ready to get lifted lashes that highlight your eyes and define their beauty, call Capital Skin, or book an appointment online.