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Achieve a younger, fresher look almost immediately with the expert application of dermal fillers. These injectable volume enhancers and wrinkle reducers are available from John Purcell Jr., MD, and the expert team at Capital Skin in Clifton, New York. Seek out dermal fillers when you desire a natural, more youthful look. Call the office or schedule an appointment using the online tool to take advantage of these simple treatments.

Dermal Fillers Q & A

What are dermal fillers?

At Capital Skin, the practitioners offer the Juvéderm® and Radiesse® lines of dermal fillers.

Juvéderm products contain hyaluronic acid; a compound produced naturally by your body. In your youth, your body makes a lot of hyaluronic acid, but as you get older, the production decreases. By restoring hyaluronic acid to different areas of your face, the fillers add volume and hydration to smooth lines and wrinkles and provide a youthful plumpness.

Radiesse contains calcium hydroxyapatite, a synthetic compound found naturally in your bones and teeth. When injected, the microspheres in the gel create a structure that looks just like your own connective tissue and boosts your facial skin’s structure and volume. Over time, the microspheres are absorbed by your body. But until then, the collagen that has developed in the injection areas will help maintain your appearance.

How are dermal fillers applied?

Dr. Purcell or a member of his well-trained team administers Juvéderm or Radiesse by injection into the areas of your face that would benefit. The specialists performing the dermal filler injections have extensive training and expertise to determine exactly where and which types of products to apply to create a look that meets your cosmetic goals.

Where is Radiesse most effective?

Radiesse corrects moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth. It stimulates your body’s natural collagen production to address issues including:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Aging hands
  • Frown lines
  • Hollow contours in the cheeks
  • Thinning lips

Radiesse also effectively boosts the look and shape of your chin. The effects of Radiesse last 1-2 years.

Where is Juvéderm used?

Juvéderm offers different formulations, and the ones used depend on your aesthetic goals. Dr. Purcell and the team at Capital Skin help determine the right one for you.

Juvéderm is used most commonly for:

  • Facial lines
  • Facial shaping
  • Lip enhancement

The results are immediate and last about 12 months, depending on the formula used.

Do dermal filler injections hurt?

Juvéderm formulas with the “XC” label contain lidocaine to help manage pain and discomfort. Most people tolerate dermal filler injections quite well, but if you’re concerned about the sensation, talk to Dr. Purcell about using a topical numbing cream or ice to reduce any potential discomfort.

If you're interested in learning more about dermal fillers, schedule an appointment by calling Capital Skin or using the online booking feature.